Many people choose not to sell their homes as is, simply because they don’t know what to expect from the process. When you sell as is, you don’t need to spend money on repairs nor do you have to wait months for them to be complete. Selling as is can help you get your home on the market sooner. 

Make Minimal Repairs 

While some buyers will take a home completely as it is, this isn’t always the best option for you. Selling a home without updates already subjects you to a lower sale price, but that price can be even lower without any repairs. If you sell to a cash buyer, for example, they may deduct the anticipated cost of repairs from their offer on your home. If you want to get a higher price, then you should consider making a few minimal repairs before selling. You can address some minor hazards or take care of some of the easier repairs. These won’t be as much work, but they can save you from a lower price. 

Find a Buyer 

Your next step will be finding the right buyer for your home. Typical buyers are eager to find homes that have been renovated, so it’ll be a little harder to find a buyer willing to purchase a home as is. Finding a cash buyer is a great option since these buyers are more likely to purchase a home as is. Cash buyers are buyers that can pay for the entire home upfront without needing a mortgage. Because of this, the sale is fairly quick. You can find plenty of individual cash buyers, but there are also a variety of home buying companies. If you reach out to a home buying company, you can get an offer on your home in just 24 hours. 

Disclose All Damage 

Before you sell your home, you need to disclose all the details of your home’s condition. This includes all the damage your home has sustained as well as potential hazards. Buyers need this information beforehand in order to avoid any potential injuries and to decide if they are willing to take on the repairs. Be extensive in your disclosure so your buyer isn’t left with any surprises. 

When you sell your home as is, you remove a lot of work from your to-do list. It allows you to put your home on the market right away so you can sell your home quickly and move on. Finding a cash buyer can help this process along. 

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